Tax Collector, Lower Merion Township
75 E. Lancaster Ave, Ardmore PA 19003
Samuel Adenbaum, Tax Collector
Township/County and School District Real Estate Taxes

This site provides access to public real estate tax information for the current year
Prior year information is available from the Tax Collector's Office 610 645-6210
Delinquent tax information is available to the property owner from the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau 610 278-1216


Tax Bill

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You can search for either your School or Township/County Real Estate Tax bill using any one of four criteria.  After you select the bill you want and the search criteria, enter your search value.

Some hints for finding data:

  • Name should be entered as last first (without any comma separator)  The name will be the first name listed on the deed.  Additional names are not searchable.  You can search on last name only.  All matches will be presented.

  • Street address will enable you to search by number and street where the property is located.  Suffixes like road and circle are abbreviated as rd and cir.  If in doubt leave the suffix off.

  • Street is a search on an entire street.  The same rules apply with suffixes.  Prefixes are not included in our search criteria.  Lancaster Ave is the same as W Lancaster Ave

  • Parcel number is an eight digit number.  Include the hyphens between the groups.  Do not include the 4000 that precedes all parcels in Lower Merion

If you have questions or comments, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 610 645-6210 or